Virtual device seems not to talk back from Google Home to Homey

Hi, I have defined a virtual device with which I want my wife to control the blinds. So I called it “Luxaflex” :-). Positioned it in the TV-room in Google Home. Made a flow that whenever this device is opened, it should alter the position of my real blinds (via Soma Tilt) to 52% and whenever it is closed, close it down.

When I tested it, it worked. But… when my wife used it this morning via speech, it didn’t. Neither did it work when I did it. I see the status changing in Google Home, but the trigger in Homey does not work.

So, it looks like the trigger for Opening and closing is not sent back to Homey. Tried the same with “On” and “Off”… same resul
t :frowning:

Now I have device with “On/Off” mode, and those work neat! But for my wife I need the commands “Open” en “Close”, you’ll understand…

Anyone any suggestions?

Thx upfront,