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What type of device type have you assigned in Homey? I had to change some of my devices yesterday, that was set to other in Homey. i think Homey need to add Shutter as a device to make the link with google home.

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Probably the reason for a 2.3.0 version of the app? :innocent:

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Awesome!! Dont get all my devices integrated yet, but they will hopefully show up in the next update :+1::ok_hand:

OK, I linked my Homey to Google today and I just discovered a very freaky problem…

My TV was on (I use a Harmony, I’m guessing this is relevant to the problem) and it was set to a music channel (Q-music).
I asked my Google Mini to turn on the light, it misunderstood and started jabbering about 20 locations closeby.
I said ‘Hey Google, stop’ and the channel on my TV changed to the previously set channel (not a music channel)!
When I said ‘Hey Google, stop’ again, nothing happened.
I changed back to Q-music and said ‘Hey Google, stop’, and the channel changed again!

So Google is changing my channel when I tell it to stop, but only if my decoder is set to a music channel :thinking:
How the hell is that possible, it can’t possibly know the channels of my provider (Proximus) and surely shouldn’t change the channel when I say stop!?

Google knows everything :face_with_raised_eyebrow: (i guess)

i think you dont want to know, what Google knows :wink:

Well, i asked “what do women want” and then i get a link to a book. Not exactly what i expected… :stuck_out_tongue:

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Looks like the Homey 2.3 app update is out and now includes a ‘sync devices with google’ option under Google Assistent settings. Still missing blinds/shutter support.

It’s also mentioned in the Support article about direct support:

//Sorry, can’t seem to open the English edition.

Ondersteunde apparaten

Google Home heeft gelimiteerde ondersteuning voor sommige apparaten. De volgende apparaten werken op dit moment in deze integratie.

  • Slimme stopcontacten, Schakelaars en andere apparaten die aan/uit te zetten zijn
  • Lampen
  • Thermostaten

Yes functionality is improved. Thermostats can now be adjusted (zwave spirit). What would be nice if you can adjust in the homey app what device should be added to Google Home. Now all device are added that can be added. So I have all the light double through the Hue link directly in google home and trough the homey link. Same for the thermostat from nest.

I added a Virtual Light that I can control trough the voice command of google home that will trigger a flow. Very nice :blush:

You can always change your language (English, Dutch or German) by selecting another language at the bottom of the support pages.

Supported devices

Google Home has limited support for certain devices. The following devices currently work with Homey + Google Assistant.

  • Sockets, Switches and other On/Off devices
  • Lights
  • Thermostats
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How do we exclude devices from being available in google home?

We are gonna continue this discussion here. This topic will be closed soon but still be available for future reference.

After the Homey devices are paired in Google Home you can delete the ones you don’t want in the Google Home app itself. Look in settings, rooms/devices.
I have Homey and Philips Hue, so a number of lights that apear twice in Goolgle Home, deleting is easy, but to see witch one to delete (the one controlled bij Homey or the one by Hue) you have to check each light for its controller.
Would be more easy indeed if Homey had a setting to exclude devices you don’t want to be paired, just like in the Homeykit app.

Thanks - I’ll give it a go, how do we give feedback or is this thread enough for Athom? A checkbox under each devices advanced settings to make it “private” to Homey only would be useful.

I don’t see how. Only says ‘Homey ontkoppelen’

Yes I have 3 of them. 2 for sunscreens. I use a virtual button to open them simultanuasly. Google does see this button so that’s an option.

Settings/room/choose device at the bottom. Un-check the device.

We are gonna continue this discussion here. This topic is closed but will still be available for future reference.