Add device to "google routines"


I recently went from Fibaro HC to Athom homey and with Fibaro i have been able to connect my devices to google home routines.

I like the homey experience, but i wonder how i connect homey to my google account (i can “talk” to homey via voice) so i am able to add devices to routines in google home.

Is this something that is possible?

i think through giving the “Tell homey to turn on <device>” command
or gBridge for controlling the devices directly.


Thanks, that i am aware of. I want to be able to add devices to my routines in google home (it was possible with Fibaro) but i cant find Homey in the device list, so i guess it is not possible (yet) but i want to check here before i give up.

Nothing similar, no. But i guess i should have posted in that thread directly. So i am doing that now. This post can be deleted.

With the new (2.3 update it think) it is now working as i wanted. If someone ends up in this tread.

We are gonna continue this discussion here. This topic is closed but will still be available for future reference.