Alexa and google home, where can I see they are integrated with homey?

After integration of Alexa and Google Home where can I find this in the homey app? When I look in the settings I see them as integrations but when I choose one of them I see again the connect screen but they are both already connected. Or is this normal? Where can I see they are connected with homey,in the app.

Hey Rob,

For the alexa integration before Homey 2.0 you needed the Alexa skill for homey! I don‘t know if it is necessary after the release of homey version 2.

So just try to scan devices in your alexa app under smarthome. If there are devices from Homey (switches etc) then the activation in the settings did it already. Otherwise you must install the Alexa skill for homey.

If all succeeded you can switch on your Fibaro switches or virtual switches (maybe a flow) with Alexa.

Thanks. All my Fibaro devices are in home center 2 now. So can’t use them with homey I guess.

Indeed. You have to exclude them from hc before you can include them to homey.

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Ok, Thanks. Will take a while changing this, but tried already two devices, and connecting them was easy to Homey.