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Ow yes it works!
But but but. Not all devices show up in Google home.

It works. But how can i turn 1 light on with the name livingroom. If i trie this all light in the livingroom turns on.
Second question is how can i start a flow without saying ask homey


Hé Google, zet lamp bank AAN
Hé Google, zet lamp bank UIT
Hé Google, zet lamp bank AAN
Hé Google, zet lamp bank UIT

This is DOMOTICA in it’s smoothliest way.

Thanks for sharing!

Create a virtual device, for instance Sleep Mode. Then create a flow where when = “virtual device on” & then = “run Flow Sleep Mode” and select that flow. Then you can just tell home to “turn on Sleep Mode. That will switch on the virtual device, wich then will trigger the flow.

I added a “turn off switch” in that flow too. So the virtual devide doesn’t stay on, preventing you to turn it on later (otherwise you manually have to switch it off and and then turn it on for the flow to trigger)


Thx i will try the flow tip

First unlink

After that
Go ‘Google Home’
Go ‘Add / toevoegen’
Go ‘Set device /apparaat instellen’
Click ‘Already set something / heb je al iets ingesteld’
In the list search Homey and click on it to link IT correctly.

Once linked you simply shout:

Hé Google, turn on the beamer.

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Also, if you have multiple flows you might want to create a room for those. It makes it a lot more convenient and prevents starting it by accident if it looks similair to a different device in your living room. This is how I have it for example.

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Great Scott! :scream: It works, Doc! :clap::+1:

I keep getting the message “something went wrong try again” (in Dutch)

I did unlink on Homey side.

What can be wrong.

You did unlink via ?

Can’t control led colours via hue hub, does it work directly?

Can’t control heatit thermostat either but they appear.

Yes I did. When I ask google to talk to homey it now says I first have to link homey.

I don”t know what can cause this. Maybe because devices like Hue are already directly linked to Google and are available in Homey?

google first gives the message Homey is linked and after some time that something went wrong.

What do you say to google home?

With the new integration you dont have to link google with homey the old way. You have to follow the new way and only say: “Switch xyz on” and not “Say homey to switch on”

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Cool thing is Google has taken the rooms i set-up in Homey and adopted them!

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The advantage is clear to me.

My system is not linking with google so I can’t use it the new way.

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Hm, someone uses fibaro Roller shutter.? Looks like Google cannot find them.

Weird. No Hue here so can’t test.
You can link from out Homey but also from out Google home. Might be worth trying both

Thank you for the tip. But…

Link from Homey gives linked message but devices don’t appear in Google Home

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