Gledopto gl-c-008 see as a gl-c-007 version

Hi I have 2 gledopto gl-c008 rgb cct controllers but when I ad is with the app it wil be connected as a gl-007 device ? I selected in the gleopto app the right one 008 version. I use rc 63 and the latested gledopto app 2.04 I other one is connected as a 008 controller ?? What’s wrong any tips


thats a reported issue, see: GL-C-008 gets added as GL-C-007 · Issue #52 · mruiter/com.gledopto · GitHub

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I have the same problem, I have a 2 ID GL-C-008.
Is there a solution already?

nope, the dev hasnt responded yet. you can try to reach out to him: @ MarcoRuiter