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Gira enet with mobile gate

Wondering to buy a homey, can”t find the answer if it is possible to connect with Gira Mobile gate. Someone can help me out?

Probbely (99%) you need to make a app for it.

Best way to find out devices that are supported is to take a look at the app store https://apps.athom.com/
Then your can be almost sure if its supported or not.

If not you would as stated above to make or someone else a app for it. There is a request topic at the forum for that.

Thanks for your quick reply!
I’m pretty sure it has to be possible, there is an “mobile gate”-app from Gira that uses wifi -> radio commands (Mobile Gate is connected to LAN) to control the actuators.
However, I’m completely new to the Homey. I read somewhere it is also possible to teach the Homey different kind of RF-signals.
If you have any information about that I would be happy to hear.