eNet (Gira/Jung/etc.) connectivity to Homey Pro

Hello Everybody,

I am considering buying a Homey Pro. I have some Zigbee and WLAN devices at home and love the thought of being independent of external servers for the controls.

However, a considerable amount of Gira eNet components are also installed in my house (switches, actors, sensors). I wonder if it is somehow possible to connect the eNet components, wich work with 868 MHz technology, to the Homey Pro. That would be the only thing holding me back from instantly buying one.

Kind regards for every Information.

Hi Matthias,
Most devices only function with a matching app. Gira and eNet are not present in the appstore.
You can request an app though, but if someone is going to create it, and if yes, when, is the big question.

Requesting support @ Gira is also an option.

@ Github, someone is busy with eNet to mqtt. And Homey Pro can talk mqtt.
The Gira Mobile Gate is needed however.

Homey Pro depends on external servers, for instance for authentication.

Hi all,

Just noticed there hasn’t been an official app request for Gira eNet, so just created one.
Please like/upvote it here: Homey Pro Community App Requests - #702 by MrBlue


I managed to link Enet to the Homey via Home Assistant.
It can be read here: