Broadlink RM PRO+ To control gate and garage


I have been working on thoughts to control my gate and garages and First I thought I would connect a fibaro roller shutter 3 on each unit, but then I thought that one or Two broadlinks should be able to do the same thing?

Anyone have experience with the broadlink rm pro+ and homey?

I want the broadlink to learn the 433 commands and then use homey to send the commands.

My plan is to use the locative app so that homey opens/closes when I am at certain points :slight_smile:

Yes I did try that before I wrote this :slight_smile: but it was kind of either in the wrong language or not touching the subject…thats why I was hoping someone had dealt with it before

I used a Fibaro Smart Implant to control my gate and then garage. Works well.

With broadlink using RF, you wouldn’t know if the gate is open or close as they dont report state…