G-Homa smart wall switches

Hi all,

I am trying to get my existing G-Homa wifi smart wall switches to control from Homey.

Currently there is no app for these switches (yet?). Alexa however offers a G-Homa skill, and I can see my switches in Alexa.

Q1 : is there a way that I can control the G-Homa switches from a Homey flow through Alexa, and how?
Q2: is there anyone possibly working on an app for G-homa wifi products?

Many thanks for your feedback!

Welcome to this forum, did you try this?

I’m not OP, but I just tried a search of the forum and the sole result was this thread. What is OP supposed to glean from this?

@eschu: Since it hasn’t been mentioned, I doubt anyone is presently working on an app. I suggest you post in the “App requests” thread over in the Apps forum.

Having zero experience with Alexa, I can’t help on that note.

If these devices work with IFTTT, though, you can use that as a workaround. That’s what I did with my Meross plugs (wifi smart plugs that don’t have direct Homey integration) and it works fine. There might be other possible workarounds - I know people can sometimes control non-Homey devices using MQTT or HTTP requests, but I don’t know enough about these things to be of any help.

Thanks Cory for the suggestions. I wasn’t aware of the ‘app requests’ thread - will have a look.

These G-Homa devices also don’t work with IFTTT (yet). I am familiar with the MQTT and controlling some ESP8266 devices that way.