Issues with Alexa device's

Hey, I have added a brilliant smart switch to homey via Alexa. I have the tile on my dashboard but every time I try to turn it on / off I just get this error message coming up, I know the switch works because I can control the light via Alexa / brilliant

can anyone help ??

Just so you can get a good answer, are you trying to control a device connected to homey through Alexa (talk to alexa to turn a light off) or the other way around? Device is connected to Alexa (for example through a skill or zigbee connection) and you want to push a button in homey to turn the device on/off?

So I have got the smart switch connected in Alexa via the brilliant skill which I can control with with voice and via Alexa app then I have homey skill added in Alexa, and the Alexa app in homey

So what I’m trying to do is control the smart switch with homey so I can add it to my flows etc

The athom homey connection is from Alexa to homey, so then you need to connect your device to homey (not a skill on Alexa). There is also an app developed on homey that can use Alexa (and skills on Alexa), this one..

It does disconnect from time to time for me, and it’s still work in progress, but could help you out if you want to keep the device connected to Alexa.

Overall if the device is supported by homey it can probably do the same, and is more stable than connecting it to alexa and control it from homey (within alexa all works fine)

The app (link above) works ONLY if you have a homey Pro, not on the homey cloud/bridge.