Getting this error "manager.zigbee.controller startup failed"

My Homey Pro started working odd today … and thing start not working / working weird.
All my devices is zigbee devices. Homey Version 7.3.0

I checked my zigbee net and get this message “manager.zigbee.controller startup failed”
I have then restart my Homey Pro a few times … did not help …
What to do ?? / Does anyone have any idea …

Contact Athom support.

You could also try another USB power adapter of 2000mA see Problems with Homey?

But this looks different.

Apart from an other power supply, a full software update can fix it

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I get the same error on the Zigbee protocol.
Did you manage to find a solution?

Update: Homey support covers this error. Create a ticket and before you are done they post a fix involving a rebuild preserving settings