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Get an average Watt value

Hi everyone,

This might be a very stupid question for some, but this just isn’t my cup of tea…so bare with me.

I have a freezer which I suspects eats alot of power. I have the freezer plugged in to a Xiaomi Smart socket which can collect ‘Power (Watt)’ data. The graph it generates is below:

I just want to know how much kwh it uses so I can calculate how much kwh it consumes over a year… I just don’t know how :frowning:

This might get you in the right direction:

If your socket is not capable to supply the kWh information, then you need a socket that can do that.
This is anAEOTEC Smart switch 6

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You could export the data as CSV using this app, import it into Excel, average the wattage over a time period and calculate a kWh amount from that.

Insights has a download-button too:

From the original screenshot I inferred OP is still using 1.5 :slight_smile: