NEO Coolcam plug measuring accuracy


Anybody know how accurate the Coolcam plugs are at power measuring?
I installed one to check consumption of an old combi fridge/freezer because I suspected it to use too much electricity.
After measuring for 1 month it seems the projected use is ~1500KWh/year!? Is that even possible?

I use them a lot and the accuracy seems fine to me but 1500 is a lot. What does the spec of the fridge say about consuming? I had a washing machine that was 10 years old so I bought a new one. I use a third now of the amount of current. How old is the COMBI?

I don’t know the specs of the fridge. I’d have to pull it back out from between the other appliances to check the sticker.
However, it’s 18 years old, so if you say the accuracy seems fine, I guess it’s time to finally throw out this old boy :smile:

You could check if the formula you use is oké

I used a new plug so the KWh-counter was at zero. Installed the plug February 1st, checked March 1st.
So 29 days. Divided the KWh by 29 and multiplied by 365. It came to ~4KWH/day so ~1460KWh/year. :confused:
Seems correct, right?

This year it is 366 days in the year :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: especially now that you did it in the February month otherwise it wouldn’t have mattered that much

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18 years??? Man, you could’ve bought a Lamborghini from the energy you paid too much in all those years… :stuck_out_tongue:

Lamborghini probably not, maybe a nice Aixam with a tennisbal over the hitch :stuck_out_tongue:

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WOW!! Just a search on ‘average energy consumption’ on the internet shows that even the less energy friendly refrigerators have a consumption of <140kwh/year. So it is really time you drop the 18 year old thing

Yep, discovered that too while searching for a new one.
Found a nice Samsung for 699€ (biggest model, 200cm), should pay itself back in ~2 years :joy:

Just out of curiosity, do you use the Zwave or Wifi model?

Zwave, I Don, t like wifi stuff

Yep, same here :slight_smile:

im using the im using the wifi model. where the devices are connected to direct power i tend to use wifi over zwave.


I noticed that z-wave devices not always react in time. Also my wifi coverd my whole home so the devices are able to communicate over wifi. Z-wave has a limited range and ofcourse can be amplified by other z-wave devices but i dont find it reliable.