Generic modbus app

Hello everybody,

Where could I find a generic Modbus apps to communicate with a Schneider iem meter ?


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You can find it by searching both the app stores:

Hello thanks but it’s not a generic, I would like to change the modbus holding or inputs registers.

I can only say, if your search phrase does not show the results you’d like to see, then most probably there isn’t an app for it (yet).
You could try to request for an app here.
Or build one yourself :wink: but idk your skills

Looks like the Schneider IEM uses ModBus-RTU through RS485, thus you’ld need some type of ModBus converter / gateway to convert to ModBus/TCP. I doubt there’s anything that generic available on homey, but you never know. Do you have a list of registers?

Yes the meter is connected through a rs485/TCP IP gateway
The register is 3053 holding register float 32

Hey guys not even a bacnet IP app is available anybody knows?