Garmin - control your Homey with your Garmin watch

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Control your Homey with this widget on your Garmin watch


  • Get some Homey details on the widget main view
  • Scroll through your favorite devices and flows and let you show device details (ui capabilities)
  • Toggle switches, press buttons and start flows


This alpha version uses the Athom WebAPI without an official API key for now. To connect to your Homey, you need the following information:

  • Homey Cloud ID: Go to Homey Developer Tools and copy the value of “cloudId”.
  • Authorization token: Go to Homey Developer Tools, enable the Chrome Console (F12), open the ‘Network’ tab. Look for the authorization header. It contains “Bearer 123…456”.

Fill this values into the app settings (use Garmins ConnectIQ app on your mobile to change the settings).
HowTo set app settings: Changing Connect IQ App Settings - Wiki - Connect IQ - Garmin Forums

The widget connects periodically every 30 minutes to Athom cloud service to keep the session token valid. If your watch has no connection to WiFi or your mobile (BTLE), the session token will become obsolete after some time and you have to get a new token.

Issues ?

This app is in alpha status. Please report issues in this thread and please don’t write reviews if you have questions.

The widget itself uses a minimal amount of memory. But the JSON results from the WebAPI are really extensive. Homey devices with many capabilities can occour a crash caused by the memory limit of your device. Only Garmin deviced with a available widget memory of 64kB or less are affected.
For this reason, only devices with more than 64kB widget memory are currently supported.
For details check the compatibility list of the app or select your device on: Reference Guides

How does it look like?

The main view of the widget shown in the widget carousel, followed by the category list (use a tap or START button)

Tap or press START in the device category to get into the device list. Scroll through your favorite devices with UP/DOWN or swiping up/down. If a Switch or button is displayed, you can toggle or press it with START or a tap. A progess view is displayed while communicating with Homey.

From flow category you can jump into the favorite flow list. Select a flow and start this flow with a tap or the START button.

On-screen hints show what interaction is possible in the view:

Now the most important thing… :grinning:
Thank you for supporting app development with a small donation via PayPal.




  • How can I change the app settings in GarminExpress or Garmin mobile app?
    :arrow_right: Changing Connect IQ App Settings - Wiki - Connect IQ - Garmin Forums

  • Where can I find the token content in browser developer console?

    Best way to find the needed http call ist to search for file “/api/manager/system/”. That are API calls where the toke is used.
    You have to copy the whole value after “Authorization” including the "Bearer ". It can happen, that the string is displayed with a linebreak if the window is too small. Don’t miss this part.

  • I set cloudID and token, but it does not work. What’s the reason?

    1. If nothingis set in app settings, the used URL is wrong. You get an http 404 error.
      The watch says: “Set app settings (Error 404)”
      The settings fields are mandatory, so this should only happen on a new install or if the settings got deleted somehow.
    2. If cloudID and token are set, but cloudID (or both) is wrong,
      the app says “Set app settings (Error 417)”
    3. If the cloudID is set correct, but the token is wrong,
      the app says: “Session expired. Renew access token in app settings (Error 401)”
  • Why does my token keep getting revoked?
    Than can be caused by another aplication using this token (developer site, WebApp…). If you are using such apps, they can renew the tokey itself.
    To solve this issue, it would be the best to create a new guest user with a separate account. As benefit, you can define favorite devices/flows independent for your watch.



  • 0.0.9 Error message on notification error (response too large); Menu for notification category view to delete all notifications.
  • 0.0.8 Notifications added. Main view with memory chart.
  • 0.0.7 Improved visual elements. New flow menu. Internal improvements
  • 0.0.6 Stability optimizations (main view, Homey name, async issues caused by rapid view changes)
  • 0.0.5 Stability optimizations
  • 0.0.4 Show http error code on main view for all error types.
  • 0.0.3 Show Homey name in main view, optimized fast scrolling in device detail carousel, fixed flow start for standard flows, fixed returning to flow after flow trigger
  • 0.0.2 Fixed flow values without decimal definition.
  • 0.0.1 Initial version

I open Garmins ConnectIQ app on my mobile device but where can I enter my cloudId and Bearer token.

thanks in advance for the help.

Go to “My widgets” in the IQ → Homey and then where it says “Innstillinger” on this image:

Fill in where it says “xxx-xxxx…” and “Bearer xxxxx-…” in this image. Not easy to see the input fields, but just tap there and your keyboard should pop up.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

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i already found it i have to fill it in via garmin express and it worked but now i get the message set app settings.

thank you in advance for the help.

Hi Fred,

here is a Wiki post for GarminExpress and the mobile apps:

The CloudID must be copied without the quotes.
The Bearer token must be copied completely (incl Bearer xxxx). Please check if it’s displayed with linebreaks. Then copy the whole text.

Yes i have this CloudID without the quotes en the bearer token whit Bearer xxx.

When you change the settings with GarminExpress, a Sync could be needed. Using the Mobile app (or ConnectIQ app), the settings are stored directly on the device.

A new version (0.0.3) is online… @kjeet90
It could take some time until you can see and install the new version with the ConnectIQ app.

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i have the new version instaled and i make the sync but still the message set app settings???

Can you please check the app settings with the ConnectIQ app? That’s showing “live” data from your watch. I don’t use GarminExpress for app settings because in the past I got such trouble, too.

i have check the app settings in the connectIQ app and i see my CloudID and my bearer token.

But i see the version is 0.0.2 and i install the version 0.0.3

The install button normally will set the app into the sync queue. You can see it in

After a restart of teh ConnecIQ app, the sync circle should turn green and aftert sync, the “Update” vaule should witch to “0”.

Can you send me a screenshot from the settings as PM? Perhaps I can see something…
And last question: what device are you using?

garmin venu 2s

I get in the homey app
I keep getting update and queued

How can i make a pm to you ?