Garmin - control your Homey with your Garmin watch

I made a new version 0.0.4 that displays the http error code for every error type on the main screen. Perhaps with that we can see what’s the reason.

A new version (0.0.7) is online.
If the autoupdate is activated for the widget, you can try to sync your device. But it can take up to 2 hours until the update is available for all devices.

The most important changes are internal ones - to keep expandability easy. But there are some nice additions:

Hints on the screen to show what interaction is possible in the view:

  • The page indicator appears if you can scroll through the page carousel.
  • The page numbers indicate your current position.
  • The Quick action indicator appears if you can act with the device/flow. Start the quick action using the SELECT/START button or tap on the screen.
  • The menu indicator (3 lines) appers if a men is present. Long click the UP button to show the menu. If no menu is present, only one line is shown.

Currently a menu is only present for flows to enable/disable the flow:
On old devices with a low SDK level (where this menu does not exists in the SDK/Firmware), you won’t see the menu. I think that doen’t affect european devices.

Version 0.0.8 is online now.
The main screen got a small memory chart.
Notifications are added to the category list - sorted descending with newest first.

The notitifications need a lot of processing time and memory. The WebAPI delivers only a logmn list of notifications, which needs to be sorted/parsed. So showing this view will take some seconds showing the “waiting” screen. If you get a IQ error icon, your watch perhaps stops the app because of memory or CPU usage. On a Fenix 5X+ it’s working. So just try and give me a feedback if you get trouble.

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Version 0.0.9 is online now.
The notification category view will show a error message if the WebAPI response is too large. The WebAPI retrieves all existing notification in one JSON response. But with a lot of messages, it will hit the Garmin limit. But as compensation I added a menu tho this category where you can delete all (ALL!) notifications. Deletion per app is not possible at the moment because of limitations on booth sides for HTTP handling (Garmin SDK and WebAPI).

Holf the UP/Menu key and you will get to the menu:
grafik grafik

The menu lists all apps and their notifications. But that’s only for information.

Version 0.0.10 ready to test:

  • New categories for apps & users including menus for app restart and user state changes (home/away, awake, asleep).
    App view, App menu:
    grafik grafik
    User view, User menu:
    grafik grafik

  • Configurable categories in app settings. Select the wished categories and the sorting in app settings (submenu “Categories”). If nothing is set, the default category list is used.
    grafik grafik

Happy testing :slight_smile:

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Here comes a short preview after many hours of hard work from my local test version :slight_smile:

I added a real oAuth authetication. This way you can authenticate the widget using the Garmin Connect app. Login with the Athom account credentials, select the Homey and allow the access.

The widget can login to Homey and refresh the login if needed. No update of tokens is needed anymore.

But I still wait for an answer from Athom if they will offer me a WebAPI key for the widget befor publishing it. So let’s hope it will be allowed shortly.

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I get stil the old login.

It’s a preview for my local test version.
I have to wait with going public until Athom is offering an API key. I hope they will do…

Oke sorry.

Tested on Garmin Fenix 5x. Works perfect.

Get Homey no connection.
Error: - 104


That’s an internal error that means your watch has currently no connection with your mobile via BTLE.

Just synced it with Garmin Connect.
Response to large Error 402

Yes, like written above, some API responses are too large and blocked by the Firmware. That happens if you have many notifications in Homey. Then it’s not possible to show them on the watch.
To solve it, I would need a new Api endpoint for notifications from Athom.

Please keep in mind: It’s a alpha version (proof of concept) at the moment and some error messages are still a bit technical.

Hi @RonnyW,

Awesome proof of concept! Just installed it and got it working. Looking forward to all development on this. Then again. It’s already usefully for me as i can start the fav flows.


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I added a Youtube video with a overview of the widget features.
This way it’s much easier to check out how to use it.

So while still waiting for an API key I just made this preview for you :wink:
See first post or directly on Youtube.

Good news for all Garmin user.
:tada: :sparkler: :beers:

The real WebAPI access is now available including an oAuth authentication.

  • After updating (to version 0.1.0) or installing the widget, you are prompted in Garmin Connect App to login at your Homey using your Homey account.
  • After that, the widget doesn’t need reauthentication anymore - until you uninstall it or you log out in widget menu.

The first post is updated with the current state.
Have fun controlling your devices and flows from your watch :smiley:

PS: It could take some time until the new version is visible in the Garmin ConnectIQ app for your watch.
You can try to force the update with th edownload button on this page:


Error -400 on Garmin Epix after log in

Same with me. Error 400 after trying to log in.Fenix6 pro

@Wout-1976 @Zsolt_Kozma
Sorry for this issue. Is it 400 or -400 error? -400 comes from the watch itself (wrong response content), 400 is a http error (bad request). Seems there was something wrong with the auth process or the login to Homey.
Your Homey ist online and reachable? The WebAPI request is forwarded to your Homey and processed locally.

To solve, you clould logout: In the widget screen press and hold the menu button, select “Homey”, select “Logout”. The auth process will start again and should be finished as long the widget is active on the watch. Please don’t quit the widget while filling the auth form.

I will check if I can catch this error and make a automatic logout, so you can logon again in such an error situation.