Freeing up resources - how to turn off zigbee and zwave

I am reducing Homey’s workload and migrated all the zigbee and zwave devices off Homey.

Is there anyway to disable the zigbee and zwave transmitters so they don’t interfere with other hubs?

When there are no devices connected to Homey’s Zigbee or Zwave, then there is nothing to transmit for the Homey drivers, so nothing will interfere. (No, there is no switch)


Sorry to hear that. I’m considering myself lucky one…74 Zigbee / 15 ZWaves… Homey 2019 Pro

In case you are worried about interference, maybe you can do eg. Zigbee reset and choose completely different channel / frequency.

Thanks, hopefully with no devices attached they will be ‘quiet’

So far I am blown away by zigbee2MQTT the number of devices it supports is mind blowing and it does it all automatically, I don’t have to go looking for it.

As soon as the device becomes available zigbee2MQTT sees it pairs it and does an interrogation, identifies it and adds the driver without any interaction from me. I just need to name it.

I also love being able to use any mains powered zigbee device to join new devices to it. So battery powered devices connect to mains powered devices in same room.

No more trailing around the house pressing buttons and waiting to see if it will join.

I have been playing with this since I realised that I could not rely on Homey while it was crashing or just slowing down so much and having the motion sensors offline for a few minutes every three hours while the Hue app restarted was not a path I wanted.

So got pushed into Node Red/MQTT Broker/zigbee2mqtt path.

For me it was hard to get my head around it all, the bright ones here will have no such issue, but once I had my head in it, I am loving it and can allow Homey to do the things that other hubs can’t touch - so it is getting alot of use and not stressing out over the loading on it anymore.

A win win :slight_smile:


yep did the same and put back to homey with the awesome community HA app.
plus bought a cheap intel nuc for HA, add some mem plus ssd for the same price as a PI 8gb. plus you have it tomorrow.

so nice to have logs and full control on zigbee2MQTT , even did OTA updates.

I have a lot of zigbee and zwave devices on my Homey, problem is that I sometimes unplug a device and leave it in the cupboard for some time. My Homey became sluggish and Athom support pointed out the number of Tx errors on the development page. Removing the inactive devices and one PTP (pull the plug for 10s) has resolved all my issues and unwanted delays!

I wish I had had that problem.

Mine was based around Hue support and the Athom app crashing Homey.

I couldn’t migrates 100 zigbee devices onto Homey, couldn’t get the Hue Hubs working without making Homey go slow/crash.

So it was Homey with no motion sensors/temp sensors/ light bulbs or try to find a way to run zigbee, zwave and Hue altogether, Node Red was the answer.

That quickly led to an MQTT Broker, which slid right into zigbee2MQTT.

Hopefully Hue app gets fixed, but failing that Homey has enough to keep it busy relaying a bundle of apps data through the Mqtt client.