Turning Zigbee / ZWave off

How do I turn Zigbee or ZWave completely off on Homey so that the radio is not in use even as a coordinator ?

Afaik that is not possible.
What do you need that for?
As long as you not pair a device, and don’t send commands it is not sending any signal.
Not 100% sure, but it seems logical to me.

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I was thinking the same re connected networks but I am noticing that my noise floor on Zigbee and ZWave is very high and starting to get issues. I am not in a crowded area but I have a lot of controllers including several Homeys that have no Z networks configured. I was just trying to ensure they were off.

I have three active Zigbee networks mainly because they each need their own ‘custom’ controller. Maybe their frequency agility has just messed them up a bit

Thanks for explaining Kevin,

Zigbee uses the same frequency range as WiFi does. And it’s transmission power is way more low.
So it might be an idea to check if your zigbee networks are on different channel numbers, and to check any of them does not interfere with your wifi and eventually your neighbours wifi

Zigbee network & channel info:

Interference check:

Wifi advice:

Z-wave frequency is fixed, per region;
F.i. for the EU the frequency is 868.4MHz