Disabling IR and zigbee

Is it possible to disable Infrared Bluetooth and zigbee as i am not using them ?

If you’re not using it then it’s not being used :slight_smile:

I hope so, the thing is I don’t want it to spread unhealthy waves in my house if i don’t use these.
So is zigbee emited or it there a on off button for putting zigbee off, etc ?

Zigbee and BT work on the same frequency as WiFi, so the additional “unhealthy waves” won’t stand out.

So when using unhealthy things, you dont have problems with it :thinking: :thinking: nope dont get it. At the otherhand every one their own thoughts :+1:

For a bigger support base regarding “unhealthy waves” I would like to refer you to Twitter.com.

So you mean the same antenna is used for zigbee and bt and wifi?

Zigbee has its own antenna, BT and WiFi share one. But Zigbee doesn’t transmit if you don’t have any devices that use it (same for BT).

That is a clean answer. Many thanks !