Free memory on Homey

I’m using the MQTT Hub & Client and the free memory of Homey is continually sinking…
(information about free memory received via MQTT topic “homey.system/info”)
I don’t have any own application installed on Homey.

There is a way to find out which application/component consumes the memory?

In the mobile app: “More > Settings > General”, then press on the memory chart.

Hi Robert,

thanx for the advice. I such case I’m probably misinterpreting some values…

These are values from items “freememMachine” and “freememHuman” of MQTT topic “homey/system/info”

and in the attachment the memory status from Homey App in the same moment…

Do you have some explanation for this?

Kind regards


You’re showing the Storage data, not the memory (RAM) data. Not sure how that’s called in German.

OK, hier is the RAM… it’s not a big difference in relation…

I haven’t looked at anything, but you should keep in mind that you need to know what you’re looking at exactly. I’m not sure what the figures mean, but ‘free memory’ in a computer can mean several things.

Available memory (completely unused)
Available memory + cache
Available memory + cache - recently used

So before you can state you have a memory leak, you first need to confirm what the data you’re looking at means.

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Yeah, I was just going to post the same. It looks like Athom uses the “free” column from the free command line utility, which doesn’t take into account the amount of memory that’s currently being used for vfs cache (and which can be released on short notice if more RAM is required for user processes).

Hi Lennard,

it would be better to look before…

As a IT specialist I know about different theoretical possibilities what “free memory” could mean…

My problem is simple:

I’t getting from Homey the information that “amount of free memory” is near 0 and is further sinking…

Generally it is not good if any resource is “near zero” with the trend “down”.

Because of naming of the item “free memory” was my first interpretation that it is the “free memory for applications”.

If it would be the case it would be the big problem for the longtime running system…

Fortunately it seems (based on info’s from Homey App) that it is not that case… (either is the info via MQTT wrong or it means something else).

Anyway it would be good to know what the item “freememory” in MQTT topic (homey/system/info) is really ment for…