Force On/Off Z-wave device to work even though there is no driver

I have Leviton On/Off switches that are in the Z-wave node list as unknown and even have working routes. I can test and switch them on/off perfectly from the node list. Is They even have a last working route. I have removed and added them multiple times and always get the same error. Is there a way to force a device to be identified as a Basic Z-wave device. If not can this be added.

I don’t get it, what is the issue here? It seems to be working fine. “Unknown zwave device” means nothing more than “Homey could not find a matching app for this device, so it is now added as a generic Homey zwave device”
Of course Homey recognizes it as a OnOff switch, or doesn’t it? Does Homey think it’s a thermostat, or speaker?

It probably would help, when you are willing to reveil the error message as well… ?

It works fine from the Tools->Devices page on the developer site (on/off/test/test frame) and has a direct route from the Homey. It does not show in Wireless->Z-Wave or on the App. My wording was incorrect and should have been “unknown node”.

Unknown device = Basic device

Additionally, when you want to use it in flows, you can’t use the ‘apps’ section (while it uses no app), but you’ll need to look up the device per ‘Zones’ and navigate to the zone it resides in.
Or just use the search bar.

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#27: Leviton On/Off Switch (no routes but can turn on/off from this screen
#32: Leviton Dimmer (routes and can turn on/off from this screen

Neither are accessible from the App. I do not care about the dimming capability, but just want on/off which I know work.

Hmmm, unknown nodes probably don’t have flowcards indeed.
Isn’t it possible to repair those? Or re-pair without removing them prior to that?
I’m not a zwave expert btw.

No flow cards as you guessed. Repair does not offer any devices up to repair. Message is “No devices that can be repaired are available.”

I have unpaired and paired multiple times with the same results. It is unfortunate because these are Leviton switches that were expensive and match with the other Leviton switches in my home. It just seems weird that I can send on/off, test, send frame and all are good results. It would be nice if I could change it to be a generic Z-wave device.

Hoping one of the developers of Homey could step in and provide some insight as to how to work around this.

Hoping doesn’t work, reporting your issue to support could work better :wink:
Officially this is a users only forum…