On Z-wave developer page the "basic on" and "basic off" commands are not working anymore

Since this evening, the “send basic on / off” commands from the developer page don’t work anymore.
I was afraid i had huge Z-wave problems suddenly because no plug answered to these commands anymore. I just healed a lot of plugs this afternoon, then it was still working fine. But switching on/off via the app works fine (phew :sweat:).

This afternoon i already noticed that also suddenly i have an extra command: “Test” in the list (the "send test frame is also still there) and with every device there is now a “remove” option, but most of the time grayed out. These weren’t there yesterday.

The extra commands were there already before i updated to 2.1 (i did early tonight), the problems with the commands started after that…

How is this possible? Did they do some update on the developer page?
Does anyone else see and experiences this?

Same behavior since automatic update to 2.1.0

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