Send the Z-wave "basic on" and "basic off" from a flow? Or with Homey Script?


Is there a way to send a “Basic On” and “Basic Off” from a flow? I know I can send raw ZWave commands through the flow, but I don’t know what to send. Is it a specific commend per type of device? Or a generic code for all devices?

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The placeholder/example (0x20, 0x01, 0xFF) in the send raw z-wave command flow card is already the “Basic On” command, if you want the off signal change the FF into 00.

This is the same for every device. (Not all will respond if they are configured by the manufacturer for secure devices to just accept the secure basic on/off command).

Device = the “Node ID” above it, there is no way to use only 1 card for all devices.

It is btw not possible with Homey script, Homey script doesn’t have enough permissions for that.

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Thanks for the info. /me goes tinkering :slight_smile: