Unknown Node

I have 47 z-wave devices in my environment. Initially I built out my network including 8 Leviton Outlets, 36 GE toggle switches and 3 Schlage deadbolts. I quickly had lots of errors and constantly getting timeouts. By the time I was able to get help from GE to help out since I was first seeing issues with my toggle switches. After digging around with them we found that the Leviton devices were causing too much communication on the network. I am not sure when or even how but over time I ended up with more than 50 unknown nodes. Some how when I click heal, they are still able to connect and I cant remove them. My setup had become painfully slow and often things would not respond or would minutes later. I decided to do the reset z-wave network and added all of my devices again one by one except for the leviton devices. Initially everything was noticeably better and everything functioned without delays and I didn’t have any unknown nodes and for 8 hours I didn’t have a single Tx Error. 24 hours later several devices have 40+% errors now and unknown nodes started popping back up in my environment. These ones do not even have the option to click for options like heal or delete. I would love to know how they are getting on here and trying to figure out if they are what is causing the errors. I am interested in seeing what other have to say because I probably will have to give up on Homey here soon if I cant keep the environment stable like I could with SmartThings.

I know some of this could have something to do with the bugs Athom is dealing with their zwave vendor that they announced the other day but so far support hasn’t given me any clarity as to what the issue is related to.

Any thoughts or ideas would be helpful since I feel like I have exhausted all of my support options at the moment.