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Anybody knows what this button will do? (Any Young Ones fans around here?)

Due to some problems with an Aeotec sensor, i ended up with an “unknown node” in my Z-wave network again. I know there was a removal button in a previous version, but that has unfortunately disappeared.
However, on the bottom of the page i found this:


I don’t have the courage to press it because i am afraid it will remove all devices.
Does anybody know what this option does?

No remove option in the developers section?

Not with the “unknown node” entry, no. I saw it last week with a device that didn’t respond and expected it also with the “unknown node”. The shown option is present at the bottom of the developer page but i am very afraid to use it…

Once you press it, it will just wait for you to put any node in exclusion mode. Then it will remove that node only.
I did all day long today removing 48 unknown nodes. With perfect success :grinning:

P.S. If your node is faulty and cannot be put in exclusion mode, then I don’t think that button will remove it…