Z-wave problem


I have a problem removing one of my “unknown nodes”.
In developer I can send basic on, off, test frame and heal, everything works, I can see it turn on and off only
when I do remove it just says “ZW_Failed_Node_Not_found” … which is weird.

I need to remove it to re-add it so I can use it. any ideas?

How can you see turn it off? Is it a wall plug or something?

qubino 0-10v controlling lights. so yeah can see it turn on and off with the basic on off command

Remove it in https://developer.athom.com/tools/zwave
with image

well nothing happens with the either, still there

So I had to actually disconnect the node in order to remove it in developer, I figured I should be able to remove it without it being powered off.

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how do you use the ‘remove any node’ function?
I slo have a random non-functioning node that I can’t get rid of.
I am worried that if use the ‘remove any node’ incorrectly it will remove something it shouldn’t or even remove all my nodes.
Can someone advise me please?

You have to follow the manufacturer instructions, they differ, in this case, it was a Qubino device.
Qubino devices can be Included or Excluded by power OFF wait 1 minute, activate


and then power-up the device you want to remove.
For other devices read the manufacturer instructions.

problem is I don’t know what the device is or was, it just says unknown in the topology.

Did you also try this Remove?image

After this, refresh the screen, otherwise it is not updated all the time.

unfortunately the remove option is not there.

i have a few of those too. i think they just stay there forever. haha

I’ve noticed now that if you first try ‘Heal’ and / or ‘Test’ the 'Remove option becomes available and then you can remove your zwave device. So I managed to get rid of some unresponsive zwave devices!

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