Flush dimmer goes to 100% when activated

I know this been a question before, but can’t find any resolution to my problem.

As soon as I activate my flush dimmer (ZMNHDD) they always activates to 100%, with for example smartthings they starts with previous setting.

Anyone got a solution to this, I have built a flow today but it’s not optimal as if another trigger activates it’s goes to 100% no matter the second triggers setting.

Perhaps it’s an idea to put the dimming value into a variable and then make a flow that dims the light to that value?

I’m guessing some of the parameters of the qubino may be off, because this is not normal behaviour. Maybe the dimming transition time is way too low or something?
How are you turning it on exactly? Maybe a factory reset of the device and pair it again will fix it.

I don’t have these devices so can’t try.
But, I know that using variables to set the dimming uses mostly 1 for 100%.
So 10% then is 0.1

I just tead a Dutch topic with some one having similar behaviour with the Qubino, no answer yet. Maybe a Qubino firmware problem for this device?
Loswest post in this thread.
Qubino mini dimmer werking? :roll_eyes:

Works as it should with other handlers

Yes, but it might be the other handlers changed parameters that are fine for those other handlers but not for Homey? The reason I suggested the factory reset is exactly that. Who knows what parameters those set that Homey isn’t expecting.

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Use “dim to x%” instead of “on”, it is a misbehaviour of Homey that “on” is “100%”.

Done that without any change

Share your flows, so we can advise

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As I wrote, have a flow with set dim, but the problem is, if another trigger activates it goes to 100% no matter of the flow

OK, it is up to you …

OK, I guess, this flow is activated when the light is switched on by a manual switch?
For test purposes, you can add a delay on the Dim card of 5 seconds, to see if this works, if yes, make the delay shorter until it fits your needs.
In my case, when I start the light from a flow, I start it with a “dim%”,
When I start the light with the manual switch (pushbutton) it starts automatically at the same dim level as it was switched off.
Rem: the extra Off, is to prevent bouncing effects.

Flows can be easily shared by: