Qubino mini dimmer always start with full power

When i turn on the dimmer with homey it always start up with full power. If i set it for example to 50% strength and turn it off, it starts with 100% when i turn it on again. If i use the wallswitch the dimmer “remember” the last value, but not when using Homey.

Do anyone have a solution?

Please open a case at support. I have done so too. All I could do was create a flow which resets to lower value when turned on.

Ok, i will do so. Thanks.

I actually think there are 2 issues.

  1. Not showing the sun symbols at the dimmer slide bar. This is purely cosmetic, but annoys me a lot.
  2. Hitting the on button always results in 100% brightness.

I now have created a flow which dims to 3% after hitting the ‘on’ button. This is very annoying sometimes because if hitting the physical button twice, i’d like it to go to 100%, after this action it dims back to 3%, like it should. Then you have to hit it twice again to stay at 100%. But at least it’s better than hitting the switch on the app and blinding me in the mornings.

Hi, I have the same problem the Qubino always start with full power. Somebody have found the solution? Thanks…

Still same bug, athom knows but clearly has no priority. Please report to them support@athom.com

the problem with Athom is that they always answer you that they will take care of it soon !!! :rage:

Qubino is now responseble for the app, try to contact them.

I know their answer in advance …! it will be the same answer as a few days ago about Fibaro Roller shutter 3: "I hope the solution can be tested soon" :joy: