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Qubino flush dimmer bi state switch

I want to connect a bi state switch to a, yet to buy, Qubino flush dimmer on L1.
I understand that I won’t be able to dim the lights by using the switch.
Will I still be able to dim the lights using the Homey app?
If possible: At what dim level will the lights start when using the bi state switch when the previous dim level was, for example, 50%?

Anyone any experience with this setup?

Sure you can, the dimmer will start at the same level as when it was switched off, so if if the light was switched on by Homey at a level of 50% you can switch it off by switch or by Homey and then switch it on by switch, it will light up at 50% again.

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Great, thank you

True, when dimmed and switching on by using the switch it goes back to dimmed state. But when switching on by homey it goes to 100 procent en has to be dimmed back again. Frustrating, anyone has a workaround?

You’r right, (bad) workaround is to not switch ON but set the Dim Value as a start.
I made an issue on Github: https://github.com/athombv/homey/issues/2927