Flow without 'when' basically a scene

Hi, sorry if this is a very basic question.
when working with flows, can I create ‘scenes’ with a group of lights?
I have about 20 devices and want to make standard scenes with these lights.
Rather than having to add all the lights individually to a flow I would like to call a scene:
example: a scene in which all lving room lights are full bright: ‘livingroom full’
That I can call at the end if a flow: when: sunrise and; weekday: then: livingroom full.
I can call a flow but in that flow I would need a ‘when’ .
To many words for a simple question that is surely explained elsewhere… thanks and sorry.

To trigger your scene “full” use the Flow card When this flow is started in the when section
To start the scene “full” us the Flow card Start full in the then section

Excellent, much appreciated.

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Hope it helps

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Thanks, very useful … if I find the time to actually work on it…