Flow triggered by any one contact alarm in the same zone

How can I create a flow that is triggered by any contact alarm in a zone, rather a flow for each contact alarm?

For example I have six windows in a room, and want to turn the heating off if one of the windows is opened.

It seems I can use:

*When *
“A contact alarm is turned on”

…but not for zone, so I have to add something like:

Room A Window 1 Contact alarm on on

Room A Window 2 Contact alarm on on

…but it seems I can only add a maximum of two ‘or’ conditions, whereas I have six windows in that room.

How can I make this work without six flows (and another six to restore the heating once the window is closed again, and the same again for 5 more rooms)?

If I understand you’re requirements correct, than you’re on the right way!

– A contact alarm is turned on
– Logic card “is exact” or “contains” → tag “Area” + type in the name of the room, e.g. “Room A”
– Whatever

Another solution could be to use the < group > app and group all 6 window sensors to one device.

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As fantross mentioned, the group app is a good solution.

Or you can use zone activity (most contact sensors trigger the zone activity)

If you also have other sensors (motion) in the same zone you can create a new zone and only move the contact sensors into that zone.

So you would have 2 zones:

  • livingroom
  • livingroom contactsensors

Thanks both, I’ve gone with the simplest option using the Logic card