Trigger zone activity from flow

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We have some presence sensors to trigger zone activity but we also have, for example, wall switches that I would like to handle as zone activity (on change). Or television powered on, radio changed channel, etc.

Is there a way to trigger zone activity from an advanced flow block?

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You cannot set a room as active through flow, as far as I know. But you can make all the devices that you want to trigger an active room direct to a flow you want to start when a room is active.

It is possible using virtual devices.
Create a virual device of a type that triggers the zone activity.
You can set the virtual devices via a flow, triggering the zone activity

I integrated the door sensors of my alarm system into the zone activity rhis way.
The sensors itself are not in homey but the alarm does interface to homey.
When I get a status change from the alarm, I trigger a virtual sensor that triggers the zone activity.
After 30sec a flow deactivates the virtual sensor again

Hope that works for you too


Oh wow,

Thank you so much @FKey, that would indeed do the trick! And by using (conditional) flow blocks!

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