Zone activity not always working

He Guys,

Since i migrated to the New Homey Pro i experience an issue where a flow using the zone activity not always works. I use the mainly for flows turning the lights on and off.

I have 2 motion sensors in a Room/Zone, i see that they are both activated because of my movement but the lights stay off…
I have not checked if the zone itselfs is active as well, will do that the next time it happens ( but it should be active since a motion sensor triggers an alarm)

Anybody experience the same issue?

It’s not all the time btw…

If you check the “Zone activity” in top of the app, next time it does not work, then you can see if the triggering of the zone or the flow is the issue. I do not have any more suggestion, as i do not have any issues with zone-activity, and have also migrated from a HP, in my case HP19.

Hi @blueboxboz ,
there are many obstacles in Homey Pro.
For better understanding your issue, it would be helpful to get more information.
So the Flow that does not act as expected and somehow some indicators that show that the zone switched from inactive to active, but the flow does not act.

To find out if zone activity is actaully triggering: add a logging card. (App syslog)

You can also add these carss to your current flows to see what happens (and what not)

sometimes when i enter the zone even though it detects motion in that zone the lights stay off. i have to manually turn them on. since it’s working like 8 out of 10 times it’s strange that the other 2 times its not working. @fkey, i will look into it and add a card so i have more insight!

Do you have multiple devices detecting motion in that room?
Not all devices have the correct setting by default: trigger of the device does not trigger motion activity.

I had a door sensor that did not trigger the zone activity.
I thought it was intermittend, but it just never did.
But my motion sensor in the room often triggeren the zone too. So it seemed intermittend

If a device is not triggering the zone correctly you can also build a flow to trigger the zone activity.

I think it was a buggy motion sensor, one of my first ones. I replaced it and since then i no longer had issues. Was a Fibaro motion eye. Thanks guys for helping!:ok_hand: