Inactive zone

I use a simple flow “when” zone is inactive for 15 min “then” turn of the light.
Often the zone is inactive for a while (check in the app) but the flow is not triggered.
Any ideas? I know i can use a timer app etc… but this inactive zone part is so intuitive I would rather use that.

Please read Trouble with Homey?

Maybe if you share more info we don’t have to guess…
fe Maybe share your flow?

Srry added the flow

Nothing wrong with your flow,
Does it work if you press => Test?

Yes then it works

If you look in the App - Devices at the Zone Above v the Studeerkamer ans Scroll to the Studeerkamer…
How long is it in-active?

Sometimes there is a value but now the zone is active ( i’m in it) and there is no activity recorded or a value at a zone that is not active for several minutes now.

And now it is active

With rc.43 and rc.49 I also had the problem from time to time. I informed Athom and they said that it is a known bug and they want to fix it in the next firmware updates.
Please contact Athom as well.

Is this already solved?
This is easier to use than work with ‘zandlopers’.
When I test the flow the lights go out, but not automaticly.


Works fine for me.

Oke, thanks.
I did a lot of changes today because of changing to a newer Homey (before my holiday) so I will restart my Homey tomorrow after there is a backup done tonight…
Hopefully this will solve it.

The restart was not the solution …
But suddenly two day’s later it works.
In the mean time I didn’t change anything.
So happy I am.