Option to manually activate a zone?


I’m using zones, and very happy with them. But some components are not influencing the zone state now. For instance i use an app that checks if my Desktop is online in the study, i would love to have an action-card that enables the zone when my desktop comes online so i can switch lights only based on the zone’s state.

Would be great if that could be added to Homey :slight_smile:

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You can make virtual device (e.g. door/window sensor type) and change its value from the flow. In the flow, under then condition, you select created VD and in Sensor field you fill “alarm_contact” and as a value you can use true or false. This will activate desired zone in which this VD is being placed.

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Thanks for the tip, nice workaround, but not a desired situation i think. Action-card would be far easier

Once you create VD, you can use it in any action card. In case your desktop is online, it will trigger the flow in which this VD will be marked as active and vice versa.