Virtual sensor for zone control?


I’m using zones and i love it, it’s working great. But i still have one unsolved issue, and i’m unable to figure it out by myself.
I have a desktop PC in a zone called “Studeerkamer”. I want to make sure that when that PC is on the zone is On (So lights stay on etc). I use an app to check if the PC is online, working great, but there is no flow-card to manually enable a zone. I think this might work with a virtual device, but until this far, it’s not.

Anyone any tips?


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A zone becomes only active when a motion or a door sensor in that room becomes active.

And is that doable with a virtual door or motion sensor?

Only one way to find out right. Guess not, but never think of it. So try it and let us know

Doesn’t work :frowning: Pretty annoying that you cannot influence zone states yourself

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