Flow to tell me who is home with Yale Doorman

I am new to Homey and would like to maka a flow that gives me an notification about who is home based on the person that unlocks the Yale Doorman.

Use this trigger

Do I need a Verisure hub to get these triggers?

I guess the yale Doorman app

In this app ypu have to register the yale doorman to an verisure account, and i am not able to do so…

I have made a flow that should notify me when a certain source unlocks the front door (Yale Doorman I3).

The only notification i get is this

I would like it to notify me based on the user that unlocks the door.
Can anyone please help me with a solution?
Is there any way to change the “source”?


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How is this different from your other question?

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@Sabeltann therefore merged and closed, please keep it in the Topics.

Any tips on changing source?