Flow to check what Sonos is playing

I am trying create a flow to see if my Sonos is streaming a (specific) radio station.
But so far I’ve not been able to make it work.

What have I tried:

  • every 1 hour
  • AND check if Sonos Device Is playing
  • AND check if Sonos [Tag] equals/contains [MyRadioStation]
    I tried to add a Logic check to see if a stream contains something to determine if its a Internet Radio/URL/Stream, and not a local mp3/flac file

Here comes the trouble:
Sonos (or the Homey Sonos app) does not seem to state what if (or what) Internet Radio Station is Streaming.
Only when you play a song you can check Album, Artist, Track info.

BUT - I thought to be smart and check for Album, Artist, Track info. So if the Sonos is playing AND there is Album, Artist, Track info - it probably will be NOT be streaming a Radio station. But alas, it seems that if you have played a local track (something in your Sonos Queue), followed by starting a Radio/TuneIn stream, the Album, Artist, Track variables are still filled with the information of last track played.

I also tried the The Hidden Sonos Web Interface and see if I can use a HTTP GET to compare with a variable. But can find anything useful.

Does anyone know a way to solve this / Can someone try figuring out a way fixing this?

I have the same issue.

Is there a fix ?

I have the same issue.

Does anyone have solved this problem or have an idea where to start to fix this issue?

Any suggestion is appreciated.

If you need more information please tell.

Issue a bug report with the developer? In this case Athom?

I hoped for a different solution or workaround. But since no-one seems to know how … I’ve filled in a support request.
To be continued …


Any response on your request elfrigo?

Maybe you can do something with HTTP request, there is a topic (in Dutch but google translate is your friend) Sonos status via HTTP request

A solution in german, deepl is your friend.