Flow running on every day when its set to just run on Sundays

I created a flow to start two of my Sonoses on Sundays at 09.24
The flow is up and running but it runs every day and it only starts one of the Sonoses.

Did I do something wrong or is Homey doing something wrong?

Good to know is I cant make a group of the Sonoses in the sonos app since the are not “matching” so cant make Homey run a group.

You also need to add the “Today is a Sunday” card to the OR part, otherwise it will always be true when it’s 9:24 and XXX is at home.


Like this?

I thought the or would only be connected to the last card.

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No, it’s more or less a complete replacement of the previous “card groups” in the AND part of the flow:

AND (Today is a Sunday AND AAA is at home) OR (Today is a Sunday AND BBB is at home)