Flow dot Homey dot App slow as

flow.homey.app is VERY slow on desktop/laptop with me. Is this just me or is this some kind of other issue? Can only add 1 card with not too much txt in it. After that the thing seems to freeze. A restart of the page allow me to add 1 other card and then freeze again. Flow editor on iPhone is running ok. What are ur findings?

Just tested it, works fine on my Win 7 laptop. Both with an existing and a new flow.
I use Chrome btw and tried with and without the stylebot extension enabled.

Also Chrome browser here. Just not doable.

Chrome browser here, no problem (PTP your PC :slight_smile:

My Chrome is very erratic the last weeks. Varying form annoying slow to total unresponsive. Sometimes it’s the software reporter tool, sometimes the fact that it has to load too many ads and pics.
That could be the problem…

Loading too many https://1900hourpics.club pics could cause trouble yes :joy:

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I found out that a lagging flow editor in the browser means that your Homey is too busy at the moment. My problem was that one of my apps (P1 reader) was getting data every second (and my Homey did not like that). After disabling that app, the flow editor got more stable. But still it was very slow.

I got in contact with Athom support and they told me that the busier Homey is, the longer it takes for the editor to load stuff. Even though it seems like you’re not doing too much in the editor, still Homey can have troubles with editing just 1 flow card.

What I did was just going through my apps and flows, and disable any of the superfluent ones. Since I got a Homey Pro and expected that the hardware could handle some big amounts of traffic, this issue has made me lost trust in Homey once again. I would asume that a €400 device would be capable of handling lots of information at the same time, but appearantly it just can not.

Possible ofc . But my Homey is not that busy it seems.

That’s quite a difference :astonished:

Not quite fair though because u and I most likely have different kind of Homeys. Just wanted to show that my Homey is not busy enough to kill the flow app.

OT: where do I find those stats you guys just posted?


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Thanks @Rocodamelshekima

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did overclock your Homey? :rofl:

Sort of

FLOW APP on desktop is extremely slow, almost impossible to make flows on it. Homey flow on android is smooth , on IOS IPAD a little slow. Complex flow would be better done on desktop app.

See post #7 in this topic. According to Athom ur Homey is too busy at that moment. As u also can read in post #7 a Homey pro is not gonna solve the issues. And I can tell u: even a Super Homey with a load average of 6% is not gonna help.


If you have a really high system load and use the Hue bridge app --> try to disable the app for one or two hours and have a look at the load.
In my case, the load drops from 300-350% to 50-60%. Maybe we can find the same behavior on other homeys :face_with_monocle:

After disabling the app i can use the flow editor like a charm.