Slow respons when handling flows in ver

After updating the android mobile app to the handling of flows is painfully slow compared to the older versions. Making a change to an existing flow can take up to 30 seconds! With older versions of the app I never felt that “lagg” was a problem.


  1. Is there a way to find and install the older mobile app?
  2. Is the delays a known issue that will be handled in new releases?
  3. Can something be wrong in my system?

About my Homey’s:

  • I have two Homey Pro (2016-2019) in two different houses, same problem. About 600Mb of 1Gb used
  • I have a Samsung Galaxy S20 FE and an old Galaxy Tab A (2016). The Tab is very slow as expected but I refer to the S20 that should be faster.
  • I have fiber network on both sites
  • The Web Interface on “My Homey” is super quick as it always has so the problem must relate to the app, I guess?!

I had / have the same issue, and often go back to the v6.x app version

It’s reported more than once by different users

I use this for earlier app versions:

When everything runs as usual with the v6.x app, no. And like you said, the web app is super quick. So it is something in the v7.x app itself

I have a S9+ (2018) and it runs fine, for me.
But the v7.x app is the only app, which takes 30s for a new screen to appear, or something to respond. Other apps just work fine.

Thank you for helping me with the apkpure link so I could reinstall the 6.11.14 version. Now everything is back to normal!! Really hope that they will find a way to speed up the 7.x version since I really liked the looks of it.

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Mobile flow editor, very poor performance.
It can take up to 45s for a flow to open…
Homey v8.1.6
App v7.5.0.1363

Screenvid (also for Slack).

Mobile flow editor bug.
The delay seems to be disabled when I edit an action flowcard. Waiting it out does not help. Turning it on, will show the saved delay time again…

Homey v8.1.6
App v7.5.0.1363

Screenvid (also for Slack)