FLIRs Devices and Homey

In the Slack channel it is said again and again that FLIRs devices are supported only conditionally by homey. Also, there should be problems when more than 3 FLIRs devices are used.
What is true about these claims and what are your experiences with FLIR’s devices?
I have so far 6 FLIRs devices run without problems. But I would like to add more FLIR devices to my system.

Experiences seem to variate indeed. I only have two Fibaro heat controllers and sending commands hardly ever work. About 80% of the commands give a time out. It is said that it’s related to devices that do not have a direct connection with Homey but are part of the mesh network. I can’t really confirm that as well as one of my Fibaro heat controllers has a direct connection but also does not respond most of the times. So it’s unclear when it works or not. Either you are lucky or your not.

The issue has been acknowledged by Athom but no solution has been supplied for months now.

Ok, in my case, only 2 out of 7 devices have a direct connection to homey.
The rest have between 1 and 3 repeaters in between.

  • 3x Popp smoke detector
  • 2x Spirit
  • Danalock V3
  • Popp Strike Lock

All work as they should. So I’m one of the lucky ones ?!

I only have two FLIRs devices both Remotec ZXT-120, both mains power and both having a direct connection with Homey.
They work perfect and never missed a bit.
One of them even acts as a repeater for a far away device. No problems.

If the devices are main powered, in this case, they are not FLIRs!!

Thanks for pointing out.
I had them on FLIRs for a while indeed before I connected the USB powered. Now on “Always Listening” mode.
No problems when in FLIRs anyway.


I have 5 Fibaro heat controllers and tested with and without direct connections to Homey, but it doesn’t make any difference. From the 5 usualy only 1 keeps working flawlessly for days, and when I’m lucky 2 keep working. But never do I have more than 2 working a few days after rebooting Homey.

Support thinks it’s a problem specific to the Fibaro’s, but what I don’t get is that rights after restarting Homey they all work again, without any changes to the Fibaro’s. Over time most of them stop listening.

I truely hope Athom fixes this, the heat controllers are worthless this way.


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This behavior, unfortunately, will be with all thermostats and similar battery devices using FLiRS. Until Athom programmers fix the z-wave driver.
I didn’t have such problems with the zway product (they also work under nodejs), but raspberry pi alone doesn’t manage to connect as many interfaces.

Therefore, you have to pushed thermostats in commands every minute.

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We are waiting for over a year for fixed Z-Wave and fixed Zigbee handling, so I don’t think this will be solved soon, or even ever…