First time with homey

I a bit angry because that is the minimum configuration and it is not stable.
One homey, 1 dimmer, 1 movement sensor.
Now it is working again, lets see if tonight it s still stable !

Do you know what conditions are necessary for a good working Z-Wave installation?
I think i know. This why i included the aeotec zw100 with the cable so it contributes to the mesh.

1/ Often i see a problem in the app a red message saying: ‘‘error transmit complete no ack’’

No one has ever seen the ‘‘error transmit complete no ack’’ ?

It means Homey did not get an reaction from the device. Try putting them closer to Homey to test the range.

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Yeah but

any thelp or tuto about adding chromecast device because i checked as much as my little brain could but i could not find a setting to add those devices. Where did you add them ?

In ur devices list click the + sign on the top right to add devices. After that click Google Chromecast as a brand and it will search for ur devices.

This is what i did right now so let s see if it works in time…

Do you confirm it takes time for homey to take any new setting (like 60 seconds to 5minutes sometimes) ?

You make me feel idiot. I like it. That worked.

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Well, I would say that this is not the minimum configuration. Even if there are 2 repeaters. The more repeaters there are, the more stable the Z-Wave mesh becomes.
At what distance did you include the devices?
In which distance are the devices installed?
Similar to the HC2 (probably also the HC3) there is a possibility to optimize the routing between Homey and the devices.
You can do this in Developer.
There you can see the routing and see if there are problems.

Any new settings of what?

Many thanks i will check that

So i changed my title because :slight_smile:

May i ask you a LAST question.

Is there a way to install Homey v5 ?
If yes how ?

For those who need it also…

Plz don’t!

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If you have some problems, you can ask a lot of questions.

Ok, you found out how to update experimental updates.
BUT, I guess you are a new Homey user actually with some problems. Homey v5 is an experimental firmware. Many apps are not compatible with this FW, especially Apps for Zigbee devices. But also the FW is buggy. I recommend not to install v5.

Ok yes i did update to v5 now i am looking for a way to rollback to v4 :smiley :smiley:
Life’s a **** :smiley: D

And i am rolling back because i want to test homeydash that is not v5 compatible !

Say what???

Try !

And start from here .

i tried homeydash successfully.

So you are the artist, am very honored you had all this discussion with the humble me.

As a few years programmer (am french) i want to contribute and customize it more to my needs and design. So i will search topics to perform that.


Anytime !
And am not the artist btw. Credits for Homeydash as it is goes to @DaneedeKruyff !

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