Firmware upgrade to 10.2.0 killed it

Just received my Homey Pro 23 and am currently in the process of familiarizing myself with its features. I’ve successfully incorporated several devices and set up various automation flows.

While exploring my account settings, I came across the USB Tool feature. Intrigued by the prospect of upgrading to the latest firmware for potential improvements, I decided to proceed with the upgrade. Although the initial upgrade process seemed successful, post-reset, the device began pulsating red, and I found myself unable to access it through the app. Despite attempting to unplug it several times, I had no luck. Subsequently, I attempted to run the firmware upgrade again, but it has now been in progress for about 20 minutes without any visible advancement.

Unfortunately, I haven’t made any backups yet, leaving me pondering whether a factory reset is my only solution?

These unexpected challenges, emerging so soon after I began using the Homey Pro, are a source of concern. I’m curious to know if these issues are common among Homey Pro users? If so I feel a bit reluctant to go further with this project.

Hej Mats,

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  1. You could wait for it to finish (like one or two hours). Don’t cut the power, you could brick it.
    But, you wrote your post 5h ago, it should be finished by now.
  2. I’m afraid when it doesn’t finish after a few hours, a full factory reset is the best, or only option here, but there might be other ideas by fellow users.
    Also report this behaviour to Athom, this is just a users forum.
    You’d write to Support | Homey

Why on earth do you experiment with firmware without having any backups?? Even if the firmware wouldn’t contain bugs (but there’s no software without a bug) and is declared a stable version, you could fuck up brick any device by updating firmware (using networks).

So, in my humble opinion you may very well blaim yourself also, for not being too bright here :woozy_face:


As I said, I have just been familiarizing myself with its features. Of course, if I had set up a lot of stuff, I would have made a backup first. Having to factory reset the thing is absolutely not the end of the world.

All I wanted to know is whether the issues I encountered are common among Homey Pro users. Do these things happen often? If so, I’m a bit concerned.

Hardly anyone will install firmware using the USB tool, so my guess would be “no”.

(I also don’t understand why you thought that upgrading to the latest firmware required the use of the USB tool, or where you would even download it from)

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I did USB Firmware upgrade once, as I had completed a backup.
Never again. Had to revert to said backup as it became unreachable.

You may also try another USB cable as it seems very picky which cable works well or not.

I didn’t think it was required, but as I was exploring My Devices in the web app I came accross it. As I haven’t started adding all my devices yet, I thought it was a good idea to start up with the latest firmware. How could I know I wasn’t supposed to use the USB Tool for this? And why is the functionality even there if it’s broken and no one is using it?

Edit: For clarity. I did not download the firmware. I connected the Homey to the computer via usb-c, as the instructions told me to do.

You couldn’t, and it should work, but I can’t remember ever having seen any mention of the USB tools in the web app.

In any case, as @Peter_Kawa suggests, try a factory reset (which is basically the same as a firmware download, but the “user” partition, which includes configuration, apps, data, etc will be cleared as well), and if you run into another issue, try using another USB C cable, as the one that comes with Homey can cause problems).

FWIW, I don’t think there’s an actual chance of bricking your Homey when you stop a firmware upgrade, since all the low level stuff is handled on a deeper level.


It looks like the cable was the problem yes. Did a factory reset via USB Tools with the supplied cable, without success. It did not start as it should and ended up with a pulsating red light. When I changed the cable to another it worked.

Some lessons learned today…

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Glad to hear it’s working now, Mats!

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