Firewall issues - Unifi Security Gateway

Hi there,

I recently switched my network access to a Draytek Vigor 165 and a Unifi USG.
After this change it’s not possible anymore to access Homey via the WAN. Only LAN connections work.

Can someone give me hint, what ports I need to open or route specifically to get the Homey back in the WWW again :slight_smile:

I don’t want to enable UPnP due to security reasons :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Thanks in advance.

I am using the USG as well but have not done anything specific for Homey other than make sure that the wifi network it is on has internet access. Maybe it is something in the Draytek Vigor?

mhhh … interesting. The Vigor is only set up as a modem. No routing, no firewalls - nothing.
The USG is the only routing/firewall appliance in my network.

Homey (sadly) is the only client I need to reach from the www - so I have no other client to double check if its a “Homey-thing” or a general network-thing :slight_smile:

Maybe you got UPnP enabled - in that case Homey is able to to manage anything in your network to make itself reachable. Honestly this is a nice feature but a pain in the ass in case of network security :joy:

No I definitely do not have uPnP enabled :grinning:

seems to get complicated for me now, when you made nothing to make homey reachable via www.
I’ll restart - maybe it’s really a homey-thing :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

shame on me …

But in that case it brings me to another question - is it possible to add a scheduled reboot to Homey?


I believe you can restart homey from a flow, a lot of users do that for stability reasons

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You’re right - just need to enable the experimental “power user” option.
After that you got a new option in flows called “system” where you easily set the reboot.

Thank you

I moved over from Netgear to Unifi products. However, the Homey disconnects from the network every 24-48 hours. There are no automated scripts around that time.
I have setup a dedicated WifI network with support to legacy devices only (incl 2.5ghz only). Simplified the password (no special characters). No special settings or MAc filtering. Anybody got a clue where to look for?

Do you have the USG and if so, do you have the Intrusion Prevention enabled?
My experience is that that function kills the internet connection on the USG every 24-48 hours…

Inmiddels opgelost. De Wifi AI Scheduler was de oorzaak waarbij het kanaal gewijzigd werd.

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