Find flow that isn't working

Sometimes when a device is offline or I need to re-add the device some of the flows don’t work. But after add the device again I’ve to look which flow isn’t working annymore, because I’m using allot of folders. (in the web app)
Is there a way to find it really easy, or its a thing that should be add to the web app.

Perhaps not really what you’re looking for but in the mobile app you can see quite easily see which Flow is broken (exclamation mark on the right of the flow name).
Do not select a folder, then all the flows are visible and easy to scroll through.

I suppose it has to be implemented in the web app. Would be a nice feature!

Yes that’s what I’m already use to search, but for changing flows it’s faster on the web app. I’ve now 300+ flows so it will take allot of time to find everything.

A feature that’s saying with flows don’t work is in mine opinion easier to find an incorrect flow.
Or to have the possibility to make a flow (for notification) when a flow is incorrect.


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Thanks I think this is what I’m looking for. I’m going to try it.

I think this is the solution. At the moment I’ve no incorrect flows, but when I have I’m going to check it.

Great @Dijker ! Very helpful!

Can this be turned into a Homeyscript as well, with notification on the timeline (or phone)? That way we can schedule this by a flow…

Well, create virtual device type switch, create test flow, VD switch is trigger, do something as action. Save the flow, delete the virtual device from your devices list
Now this flow should come up when running the script.

It is not 100% failsafe though, a removed variabele doesn’t mark a flow as broken (yet)

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Thanks! Didn’t think about it

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This works really great!!