Is there a easy way to find broke/incomplete or defected flows?

When a flow is really broken then it is marked in the flow editor.

But sometimes it is not marked broken, for example when a flow is renamed and the flow card does not contain the renamed name.

Also when external params have changed, for example the harmony hub, you changed or removed some activity’s from the hub but you used those activities also in flow cards in Homey.
So the flow won’t work because the activity does not exist anymore, but the flow itself is not marked broken or defected in the flow manager at all.

You removed a logical value but used them also in flows, the flows do not work anymore but are not marked as broken/defected.

So is there a way to easily find any broken/defected/incomplete flows?

Used to work when searching for “broken” in flow overview (bottom left corner) in Not sure if that still works.

In this case the flow is not broken and works still.

@tlangelaar, unfortunately not. I created a numeric variable and added it to a logic card in a flow. Then I deleted the variable, so the flow was damaged. But the flow was not displayed when I searched for “broken”. Very sad!

correct, this is what i also have.

I deleted some logic values, the same values i used in flows are not present (empty card) but the flow is not marked as broken.

This also happens with external apps such as hue (start scene x etc) or harmony hub (start activity x), when you delete these values homey does not mark them as broken.
In this case i have to view a lot of flows to find where i used these values to fix it…

Sorry that didn’t work. @Dijker, do you know if special keywords are available in the search box of They used to be in the old Homey phone app.

From another topic:


Sadly missing tags in the And… section are not detected.

Are these flows broken according to Homey or just not working and doesn’t Homey detect the issue?

I’m not sure what exactly you mean with “broken according to Homey”.

For example, if a light sensor is deleted (for whatever reason) and in a flow a tag was linked to the lux value of the light sensor in the And… section, this tag is displayed in the Homey App as a green dot and the flow is not executed.
Or if a self created variable is deleted, the tag in the area And… is also displayed as a green dot.

In both cases the flow is not triggered. And in both cases the problem is not detected with the mentioned commands.

Homey self marks flows broken or not.
Fe when flows use flowcards that are unavailable due to the device or app removed. You see that in the flow editor by the warning signs.

The command filters only the flows Homey has marked broken.
So a missing cq non- existing token is not a reason for Athom to mark the flow broken. You could report that as an issue to Athom support.

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Ok, understand. Thx!