Can't list flows with Homey.flow.getFlows()

Why can’t I do this? My flows work fine when I use the app or the regular user webpage, but I can’t use this to find them, apparently.

getFlows() only retrieves standard flows, for advanced flows use getAdvancedFlows()

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That got me 41 :smiley:

@robertklep Do you happen to have an idea of how to get the trigger counts of these?
My Homey CPU regularly goes to 30%, and I’m trying to find out why, as I’m assuming those could actually be spikes that are even higher. None of the app CPU usages claim responsibility.

I don’t think Homey keeps track of how often a flow gets triggered (at least not in a way that makes it readable through the Web API).

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Well, @ web app, you can ‘hover’ a flowname to see the trigger counter next to the flow name.
No clue where that’s value is stored though, but it should be somewhere ™

Mine doesn’t do that, at least not for advanced flows, which is all I use.

Yes it’s only available with adv. flow.
But I’ve noticed it’s not present at each flow, but it is for most flows @ my Homeys…