Fibaro Wallplugs Zwave Plus Question


I’ve added 2 new Wallplugs to a newly reseted Homey, with the latest firmware.
The issue I have, and am hoping someone has this fixed, is when I switch one plug on, the other one also switches on.
In this case, when I switch on plug A, plug B also switches on, the other way around it doesn’t.
How can I solve this? Do I have to make settings in the Wallplug settings?
All is done via the Homey app off course.

Cheers, Frank

You sure you flows are ok?

Sure thing, I’m an Homey user from the early Kickstarter Project :slight_smile:


I just created a multiplug mesh over an area of 400 m2 and they work perfectly independent of each other…

So if you are a

You cant make mistakes with your flows???

Often happend that people stil have a flow somewhere that does things they forgot. New user or a Kickstarter user :rofl::rofl:

Found the issue, I created the Flow with the web version.
And when I renamed the Wallplug via the Android app, the web version combined then into one.
Fixed now, thank for reminding to look into my flow again.

In the web-version I called them WallPlug (Television) and renamed it to TV, it happened.
Now re-selecting them with the correct name fixed it.

Cheers, Frank

:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: i thought users from the beginning of the Kickstarter doesnt make mistakes.

Solly cant control myself for a moment :wink:

But ey its works so :+1:

And sometimes there’s hidden flows for which the flow-folder doesn’t exist anymore, can have happened in the past. Then you need Hoomeyscript to find the correct flows…

Hahahaha, I understand the Humor :stuck_out_tongue:

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Problem solved, case closed.